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Royal Chapel
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"I’m so glad I met you, because I learned how to deal with dipshits like you."
- me to a dipshit

How to tell someone you love them… the fandom way.

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- In a social gathering
- Person A strikes a conversation with Person B
- Me: : wow how did she do that





Finally Isayama revealed the reason of Levi’s strange way to hold teacups(and i think that’s also the reason why he’s clean-freak).
awww it’s surprisingly cute episode XD

Anyone wanna translate?

please be legit and please be translated thank you ;-;

I don’t even know the fandom, but here:

Levi apparently lived in the slums and was really poor as a kid, so he always admired the rich life.  When he finally scraped enough together tooth and nail to buy black tea and a tea set, he was going to finally drink it, but then the handle he’d been holding snapped and the whole thing broke and shattered.  It was traumatic for him, so now he drinks like this.


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a moment of silence for the people whos notp is the most popular ship in what ever fandom they are in

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What the fuck’s with my internet? I cant access da and tumblr on pc >:(


Black & White Friends

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Tokyo Ghoul is so good T.T


today was wild from start to finish

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Anonymous: LAUREN. do you have pictures of Wasabi as a baby? thx ^^



little dumb bab


big dumb bab

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